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Name-day: Emila, Neleny and Romy
Wednesday, 22 May 2019
Important changes in the economic law

The Business Constitution, the aim of which is to improve the legal and institutional environment in which Polish entrepreneurs run their businesses, came into force on April 30, 2018. It is a set of 5 acts that in a clear, brief and bottom-up manner define the foundations of the economic system in Poland in the spirit of economic freedom. From the perspective of companies it is a “card of basic rights” which encompasses the basic principles of running business and guarantees that businesses are entitled to. The laws that constitute the Business Constitution are as follows:


The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology is the registration body for a business activity run by an individual. The commune bodies serve as an intermediary in the registration activities based on principles settled in the above mentioned acts, perform tasks within the scope ordered by the governmental administration.

Information materials regarding the implemented new solutions can be found on the following websites:

Both persons who intend to start a business and persons already running a business activity may avail themselves of the online Business Information Point which is an expansion of the current website www.biznes.gov.pl. There are prepared information materials available on the websites regarding setting up a business, choice of taxation form, running or suspending business activity, and self-help books for entrepreneurs that serve as guidelines for specific issues and situations.

Registration of a business activity, introduction of changes, suspension of business or its deletion shall be done as it has been done so far, i.e. through the website www.ceidg.gov.pl
Valid forms, instructions for filling them out as well as current information and announcements are available on the website.


Contact details – issues regarding Central Registration and Information on Business Activity:
Customer Service Center
Services for Entrepreneurs Office
of the Municipal Office in Wałbrzych
ul. Sienkiewicza 6-8,
58-300 Wałbrzych
phone no. +48 746655293, +48 746655291, +48 746655290

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